The Top Six Benefits of Loving Yourself Sufficiently

1. Increased energy. 2. Better Health. 3. Clarity of Thought. 4. Less stress and worry. 5. A more relaxed state of mind. 6. Find it easier to solve problems.


Hello, my name is Frederick Zappone, author of The Self-Love Program. Learning to love myself sufficiently was the most magical thing I ever did. I call it magical because it changed everything about my life. Once I started loving myself sufficiently, my health, finances and relationships got better for no logical reason I can explain other than the fact that I was taking the time to love myself more.


What happens on the outside of us cannot affect the inside of us if we choose to love ourselves enough.

Self-love is not an act of selfishness or conceit, it is a powerful act of self-care. Self-love is not vanity, it is sanity. Self-love allows us to transforms the struggle between our ears into peace and understanding.

Self-love is about accepting everything about ourselves, EXACTLY as we are, regardless of how other people treated us in the past.

Self-love is about learning how to ALLOW thoughts and feelings we do not like to harmlessly pass us by like clouds in the sky,

Non-acceptance of what happened to us in our past or not allowing unwanted thoughts and feelings to harmlessly pass us by not only affects our future but they continue to makes us suffer in the present.

Self-love is about accepting every little thing that happened to us up until this very moment of our lives. The moment we start accepting ourselves, exactly as we are, our life starts getting better naturally, often times, in ways that defy all logical explanations. I call those 'ways' little miracles.

The opposite of accepting everything about yourself is resistance.

When you resist anything about yourself, you are not loving yourself, you are punishing yourself, abusing yourself, beating yourself up.

When you resist what is unwanted about yourself you give it the power to worry and upset you in a thousand different ways. When you embrace what is unwanted about yourself it loses its power to worry you and begins to immediately disappear from your life with no effort at all. My self-love program will show you how to end the 'resistance problem' once and for all

My self-love program is a result of the insights and knowledge I acquired on my own journey from self-loathing and self-hatred to unconditionally loving and accepting myself exactly as I am. It was only when I reached the point of total self-acceptance that my life start changing for the better.

Everything I learned about loving myself sufficiently I put into a program called the 21 Day Self-Love program. I call it that because the content of my program is delivered to you via email over a period of 21 days.

At this point, I really wish I had some clever thing to say to you that would inspire you to sign up for my self-love program, right now, but I do not.

All I have to share with you are letters I received from people who have taken my self-love program before you. I will let them do the talking for me. They, better than myself, can share the real value of my program with you.


• Thank you for your self love course. There were times when I wasn't sure about it, but looking back now I see that you have launched me onto the path that I needed to take. I have had a number of important insights and I am now moving in the direction I needed to go. I feel confident that I will reap the benefits I was hoping for. Self love leads me to allow my inner conflicts to be, and understand that blaming myself or arguing with myself is pointless, unnecessary and counter-productive. So it's all so much simpler than I ever expected it to be. At times it seemed impossible. Self love has gone past the stage of repeating the words "I love myself" without much conviction, and has shifted to the stage of accepting, honoring and appreciating what actually goes on in my head. WOW, THAT IS ONE HUGE LEAP FORWARD - .You did this for me, Thank you Frederick. Geneviève, Alabama.

• Thank you Frederick for your support. It has been more helpful than years of going on and on to people about my problems and more helpful than talking with various professionals. I think that it's not only your perspective but it's your delivery. I don't know you well enough to trust you but your counsel is sound and reasonable. It works for me. You are very good at what you do. It makes me think of the guys that they bring in to talk people off the ledge. I can appreciate that I have been working with one of the best. Thank you sincerely for your time. - Lily W. Montana


• Frederick, I want to personally thank you for your 21 Day Self-Love program. For a while I was a bit stuck on things. Your program has shifted my life forever. I now realize why it so important that I take care of me first and the way I feel, and to be able to love myself exactly as I am, right now. I feel the fire back within me. I am excited about myself, my health, my finances and well being.- Linda M.


• Frederick this new paradigm of self-love that you are teaching is truly revolutionary. I'm glad I've embarked on the 21-Days Self-Love journey. It is exactly what I have been looking for to wake me up to the habits that no longer serve me so that I can install self-loving thoughts and behaviors. - McKinley Williams, Los Angeles


• Mr. Zappone your Self-Love program has opened me up and improved EVERY area of my life. My self-awareness, confidence, energy and motivation has grown by leaps and bounds. And my sense of well being has increased too. I highly recommend your program. I only wish I had done this sooner. Tina Moore, UT


• As a result of doing the things you suggested in your self-love program, I noticed that the other things I wanted to achieve, besides loving myself more, started to manifest by themselves, as if by magic. Who would of thought that self love could make miracles happen but it does. Thank you, Thank you. - Maria B. Australia


• After a week of being into your program, I'm already noticing changes. I had frequent heart palpitations due to anxiety, which have disappeared. My cravings for sweets, which made it nearly impossible to lose weight and are now non-existent. I still have a lot of work to do, but I can't wait to see what happens in the future. - Michael D., VA


• Thank you for all your wisdom, Frederick. I look forward to each little nugget of gold I get from you. .---brilliant messages full of fantastic thoughts. - Abby C. NYC


• I have been on the spiritual path from age 14, read hundreds of books on spirituality and positivity, so I know your insights are the truth. I look forward to them every day. - Marie J. Beaumont The Lemonade DietThe Lemonade Diet

My passion in life is watching people blossom, thrive and prosper because they have benefited from the insights and wisdom in my self-love program.

I think the reason people achieve such spectacular success with my program is because once they purchase my program I am committed to taking very good care of them via email or phone. Not everyone who purchases my program has questions but for the ones that do or need clarification about something I wrote, I am available to them 7 days a week

It doesn't matter how many questions people have. I answer them all until they receive answers from me that satisfy them and WORK for them.


Positively Yours,

Frederick Zappone


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