No one REALLY Cares how you feel except you. And no one can care more about your feelings than you do. Your feelings are part of your 'infallible inner guidance system' that will guide you to all the good things you want once your trust your good feelings more than you trust your bad ones. - Frederick Zappone

Feeling bad does not mean there is something wrong with you or that you are flawed or defective in any way because you are not.

Feeling bad is an alert signal that you are thinking thoughts that are weakening, discouraging or dis-empowering you. Feeling bad alerts you that you are entering into the role of being the victim of your circumstances rather than being victorious over them. And if you continue thinking that way, your thoughts will DEFEAT you.

The more you love yourself the more often you will think thoughts that inspire and empower you and the less often you will think thoughts that discourage and defeat you. The more you love yourself the more often you'll attract people people into your life who feed you power rather than take power away from you.

People begin to experience power over their thoughts once they get into the habit of loving themselves sufficiently. .

My Journey from Victim to Becoming the MASTER of my thoughts and feelings

In the beginning it was hard to love myself because there wasn't a lot of material available that could tell me how to love myself effectively. The material I read about self-love was either too complicated to apply to my own life or written by people who believed self-love was a selfish act rather than an POWERFUL act of self-care.

As I progressed through the stages of successfully loving myself I kept detailed notes. I wrote down every insight that made it easy for me to have complete power over my thoughts and feelings.

As a result of successfully applying these insights to my own life, my health, finances and relationships with others improved dramatically in a short period of time. It seems there is a direct correlation between self-love and how EASY life becomes for us.

After sharing my thoughts and insights about self-love with some of my close friends, I was encouraged to make them available to anyone who wanted them. I did that by putting my all of my 'thoughts and insights' into 21 separate self-love messages.

What makes my self love messages such an excellent investment in your personal growth is that I show you how to apply that knowledge. Once you apply my knowledge, being the master of your thoughts and feelings will be an EASY thing for you to do.

To achieve the very best results from my 21 messages all you have to do is read through my self-love messages one time. There is no homework or exercises to do. My self-love messages are delivered to you via e-mail once a day for twenty-one days.

Results are guaranteed. If you are not convinced after reading all twenty-one of my self-love messages that being the master of your thoughts and feelings is the EASIEST thing in the world to do, I will refund your money to you, in full, no questions asked.


You are not a victim, you never have been a victim. During your growing up years you were programmed by others (without your conscious permission) to make you believe you were a victim. Thinking you were a victim caused you to unconsciously put yourself into situations where you ended up becoming the victim. The content of my self-love messages will end forever your 'victim mentality' so that no one or no situation will ever again victimize you

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Self Love MASTERY Program

By Frederick Zappone

21 Self-Love Messages in 21 Days sent to you via e-mail that explain in detail the best ways to love yourself and achieve mastery over your thoughts and feelings.

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